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Jordan Excavating is your first choice when searching for professional sewer line repair in Regina. Our seasoned contractors have over 20 years of experience with sewer work and repairs. There are a number of signs that sewer line repair is necessary, including:

  • Corrosion – The pipe has corroded to the point of deterioration, which typically causes flow restriction
  • Roots – Roots from a tree or other plant have forced their way into the sewer line, causing damage and disruption
  • Blockage – A buildup of refuse, grease or other materials—or the presence of a foreign object—can cause major disruptions and backups within your line.
  • Soil Shifting – If a section of the pipe has sunk due to shifts in the soil or terrain, a valley will be created that will collect waste and create sewer system backups.

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If you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above or have reason to believe there is an issue with your sewer line in Regina, please call us today to schedule a service appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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